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We can install a complete circus at the venue of your choice, or offer the use of one of our circuses at its present location. For most of the year we have at least one circus operating in the London area.

Our circus vehicles include a 1913 horse-drawn caravan, colourful sign-written vans, lorries and trailers and old-style wood-panelled trailers. We also operate a fleet of modern circus vehicles, from smaller circus vans to heavy road- locomotives.

We offer colourful circus Big Tops and tents to various sizes and layouts. These may be supplied bare or with full installations of circus ring, backdrops and circus seating to various capacities. Lighting and sound systems and modern heaters can be included. Essential items including electrical generators, fire and emergency equipment are all available.

From a miniature, petrol-driven clown car to a hula-hoop, we can provide almost everything associated with circus. Our range of performance props ranges from tight-wire, aerial rigging including ropes and trapeze, trampolines, trampettes, vaulting horse, unicycles, juggling equipment...

Almost every circus act you might need.

Circus Big Tops and tents
34 metre round tent
29 metre round tent
Foyer tent
90 x 60 tent at night
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We have provided complete circuses at venues ranging from Buckingham Palace to the Imperial War Museum, Alton Towers and World Expo (Dubai).

Our satisfied clients include: Her Majesty the Queen; Virgin Records; Renault   UK; Orange; Telstar Records; Catalyst; MotivAction; BMS Group; Barclays Merchant Services; Royal Mail; Birmingham City Council; The Scouts Association; Portsmouth & Southsea Show; The Wirrall Show; Edinburgh Festival; The Barbican; The ICA; HMS Sultan Summer Show; The Lord Mayor's Show; Biggin Hill Air Show; Mersey River Festival; The Sandwell Show; The Dickens Festival; The Eye Show; London Borough of Lambeth Show; London Borough of Brent; Cheshire Boat Museum; Sandwell Borough Council; St Helens Borough Council and many more.

Circus interior fittings and equipment
Ring entrance
Tiered seating
Ringside seating
Circular ring-mat
Interior festoon lighting
Circus ring kerb
Fire extinguishers
Yellow bin
Sand bucket
Ring chairs
BTU heater
Circus catering
Catering wagon
Catering wagon
Old-time candyfloss cart
Circus exterior
Front fence & arches
Circus front fence
Big Top festoon lights
Exterior lighting
Illuminated sign
Wooden sign
Illuminated sign
Illuminated sign
Circus vehicles, trailers and caravans
40ft bunkwagon
Interior of office trailer
Circus fork-lift
Circus trailer
Wooden ticket office
Catering wagon
Catering wagon
Artiste trailer
Circus props and miscellania
Short bull-whip
Long bull-whip
Short bull-whip
Long bull-whip
Juggling/throwing knives
Small clown-car
Small Clown-car
Large clown-car
Juggling clubs
Juggling clubs
Fire clubs
Parade big-head 1 of 4
Sample poster
Clown head new paint
Feather head-dresses
Clown head distressed
Reindeer costume
Knife throwing wheel
Knife throwing wheel
Prop. totem pole
Various ring-staff costumes
Juggling clubs without decoration
Wooden stilts
Rola-rola props
Bird cage
Prop. horse head
Various trapeze bars
Bed of nails
Small decorated circus cart
Small decorated circus cart
For circus location, circus vehicles, circus equipment, circus props, circus performers
Call us now on 07836 641277 or email: